Tuition & Registration

Registration Fees:
$30 per student
$50 per family

1 Class per week 1 Hr$55 a month
2 Classes per week$100 a month
3 Classes per week$140 a month
4 Classes per week$170 a month
5 Classes per week$200 a month
6 Classes per week$235 a month
Unlimited classes$260 a month
Two children unlimited $325 a month
Three or more children unlimited $380 a month
Privates  varies

Just Dance Performance Teams Tuition Prices

Tiny Stars, Shining Stars: A discounted rate of $90 for two hours per week

Twinkle Stars, Rising Stars:  A discounted rate of $140 a month for 4 hours a week

Rockstars, Superstars: A discounted rate of $200 a month for 6 hours a week

Pre-Pointe (30 minutes): additional $25 per month  

Hip Hop Company: A  discounted  rate of $90 a month for 2 hours a week, or add $50 per month for any Stars team members

 NEW!!! Musical Theatre Company: A discounted rate of $85 a month for 1/12 hours per week or add $50 per month for ant Stars team members


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