Spring Recital 2024

Just Dance Proudly Presents:

“In Living Color” 2024″

Monday June 10th 

5:00 pm 

Higley Center

4132 E Pecos Rd Gilbert AZ 86295


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Our dance recital will provide our students with a positive and exciting performance experience. It allows your child to have a chance to shine onstage and show the hard work they have demonstrated all year. A big part of their dance training process includes learning through performance.

Before the show:


Our recital is a ticketed event. Any person wishing to watch the show in person will need a ticket. Tickets will go on sale at Just Dance on Sunday May 21st at 9:00am for $15.00 each. Assigned seating, so please arrive early to get the best seats.

Participation Fee-

There is $50 Participation fee per student  OR ($80 per family) which is due on April 19th. This fee includes access to a LIVE STREAM of the show, your child’s trophy, and a digital download of the performance

Dress Rehearsals-

Dress Rehearsals will take place the week of June 4th-10th at JUST DANCE. *see schedule. Dancers are to arrive to class PROMPTLY in their first costume with all the proper accessories, jewelry, tights, shoes, hair pieces, etc. with their hair DONE. Make up is not necessary. We will be checking to see that your dancer is “SHOW READY”


Costumes should be stored in a safe dry area. Hang tutus upside down to allow wrinkles to fall out. Do NOT wash or clean costumes. Do not allow your child to play in their costumes until AFTER the show. Please have all parts of dancer’s costumes organized in garment bags, with their names on them and all their accessories in labeled bags. A  detailed list of all the accessories and costume instructions are listed for you.

Hair and Make up-

Proper stage make up is very important for pictures and the stage Instructions are on the costume instructions sheet. You can also access hair and make up tutorials on our private facebook page Just Dance Teams 2021-22

Picture Day-

 Sunday June 2nd at Just Dance.  Rena Photography will be coming to Just Dance to photograph your child in their recital costumes Go to https://shop-rena-photo-just-dance-105471.square.site/ for preorders and pricing. orders taken  Please have your child arrive for pictures, completely ready (costume on, make-up, hair fixed, (any style you like) and hair-piece in place, correct tights, socks jewelry), 10 minutes before your scheduled picture time. (see schedule) This will help keep us on schedule! Try and make sure your child’s costume is wrinkle free Make sure shoes are cleaned and polished! NO extra jewelry. No nail polish


SHOW DAY:  Click here to view the LIVE FEED of our show https://amazvss.com/


“Student Check-in”-Dancers are to arrive ONE HOUR before their show time (4:00 pm) in their FIRST COSTUME with hair and make up done. SHOWTIME is 5:00 PM.Parents are to drop off their dancers in the lobby of the theatre.  They will be signed in there, at the desk and assigned their dressing rooms. Please have all parts of dancer’s costumes organized in garment bags, with their names on them and all their accessories in labeled bags. After the show, parents can pick up and sign out their dancers at the same desk.

Candy, water, roses,  merchandise and teddy bears will be available to purchase during the show

Teachers and staff will be available at the end of the show in front to take photos with the dancers!


THERE WILL BE NO VIDEOTAPING ALLOWED DURING THE SHOW.  You will receive a digital download about one to two weeks after the performance. Click here   https://amazvss.com/  to view the LIVE SHOW

If you have any questions please contact Just Dance at 480.634.1239


Dance Team Try Outs  TBA  schedule to be provided

After Recital

New Class Schedule We STRONGLY suggest that your children continue their dance training throughout the summer. What a GREAT summer activity!

New Class Registration will begin right away and parents will need to stop by the front desk to renew any class changes. Renewals before May 22nd  will not be charged registration/insurance fee of $30 per student, $50 per family