FairyTale Summer Dance Camp and Ballet Bootcamp


Recital 2017 “SOME LIKE IT HOT

Saturday, JUNE 9TH @ 4:00PM


Our fifth annual dance recital will provide our students with a positive and exciting performance experience. It allows your child to have a chance to shine onstage and show the hard work they have demonstrated all year. A big part of their dance training process includes learning through performance.

Before the show:


Tickets will go on sale at Just Dance on Saturday, May 19th at 8:30AM for $10.00 each (advanced sale) Tickets will be $12.00 at the door. Children who sit in a seat will need a ticket. Children who sit on your lap will not need a ticket


Participation Fee-

There is $25 Participation fee per dancer which is due on May 5h. This fee will help to cover fees for theatre rental, programs, trophies and additional costs.


Picture Day-

Saturday May 19th *see schedule. Be sure to arrive at least 15 minutes before your child’s scheduled picture time with hair and make up all done in their first costume. Please do not be late. You do not want your child to miss their group picture!

Dress Rehearsal-

Dress Rehearsal will take place Friday June 8th on the  Stage. It will begin at 5pm SHARP so dancers are to arrive at 4pm in their first costume with their hair and make up all DONE. We will be on a tight schedule so please arrive early or on time. *See Schedule

The show:


Costume Instructions: A detailed list of all the accessories and costume instructions are listed for you .


“Student Check-in”-

One hour before show time, parents are to “check in” their dancers at their designated dressing room. Here, there will be many “helpers” that will assist with costume changes, entertain and care for your children during the entire show. This is to ensure that our show runs smoothly and parents get to just relax and enjoy the show.

You may only pick up your child after the show when you “check out” with a Just Dance faculty member.

Videotaping and Photography-

THERE WILL BE NO VIDEOTAPING OR PHOTOGRAPHY ALLOWED DURING THE SHOW. We have hired a professional videographer to capture a perfect and professional performance DVD. You can purchase a DVD in advance at Just Dance for $35. *Please fill out attached order form. DVD’s will be available 30 days after the show


Show order-

*See Schedule

After the Show:

Summer break TBA

Summer classes will be TBA Be sure to register for SUMMER CLASSES!


New Class Schedule-

*New Class Registration for our next season is happening now.

New class schedules have been individually highlighted for your dancer, by your children’s dance intructor/s, and have been handed out along with an early bird registration form. Please be sure to get your registration forms in with the first month’s tuition to waive the $30 registration fee and to get $10 off the first month’s tuition price. These are the classes we highly recommend your child enrolls in for our next season.

SOLOS, DUOS and TRIO rehearsals will resume throughout the summer. Please let us know if you would be interested in having your child compete in a solo, duo or trio this upcoming competition season. (All Star Team members ONLY)

We STRONGLY suggest that you continue your dance training throughout the summer. What a GREAT summer activity!


If you have any questions please contact Just Dance at 480.634.1239



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