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Cris  Mansala from the BEATKILLAS Hip Hop Crew

Cris Manansala from the BEAT KILLAZ Hip Hop Crew teaching Hip Hop classes at Just Dance!

Many parents (especially Dads) are reluctant to put their little guys into dance classes, thinking that it may be feminine and girlish. On the contrary, dance is an extremely challenging sport which involves intense training and conditioning. Look at any male Ballet dancer. They must be able to lift the girls high up over their heads and carry them across the stage.  No easy feat I assure you. The same thing goes for Ballroom and Contemporary dancers. Quite often football players train in Ballet to gain strength and flexibility.

A good class to start boys in is Hip Hop. Most Hip Hop and street dance is geared towards males and the moves are tough and funky as opposed to soft and feminine. Boys who dance and perform, gain self confidence,  coordination, flexibility and strength, Not to mention, having “dance Moves” at a school dance or party makes them popular and confident.

At Just Dance Studio in Chandler, we offer coed classes as well as Hip Hop classes especially for BOYS. Our amazing and talented Hip Hop teachers have experience teaching and performing in dance companies like EPIK and Dance crews such as BEAT KILLAZ  and LEGGOMONSTERS.

For more information or to schedule your boys for a FREE TRIAL class, Call us at 480-634-1239 or visit our website at WWW.JUSTDANCEAZ.COM


Just Dance! Calendar Dates and Closings 2020-2021

  • Sept 5-7 Labor Day Weekend CLOSED

        October 5-10  Fall Break CLOSED

        October 31st Halloween CLOSED


TBA   .December   Holiday Show

  • December 21-January 4 WINTER BREAK CLOSED
  • February 13-15 PRESIDENTS DAY CLOSED
  • March 8-12 SPRING BREAK. Closed 

      May 29-31 Memorial Day Closed

    TBA   Picture Day

   TBA Dress Rehearsal





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Flexibility and stretching are essential for all dancers to to able to perform challenging choreography and technique. It is an important part of all styles of dance training and performance. If you want to improve your flexibility, and see real results you will need to stretch AT LEAST 3-4 times a week, or preferably EVERY DAY.

Below is also a weekly stretching chart. Print it out and keep track of your progress. See how quickly your flexibility improves!


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