Re-Opening Guidelines

 Re-Opening Guidelines


We are so happy to welcome you back to JUST DANCE!



Arrival Procedure

Dancers must be dropped off 1-5 minutes before class begins. If they arrive at the premises earlier, they must wait in the car.  Students will then enter one at a time.  Upon safe entering, students, will have hand sanitizer sprayed into their hands and their temperatures taken with a contactless thermometer. They will leave their shoes  in the designated area and change into their dance shoes. Dance bags will be left in designated spaces safely distanced from the other student’s bags.


Changing Room is closed

The changing room will be closed until further notice! Dancers must arrive at the studio already in their dance attire.  Street shoes must be left in the waiting area.



Restrooms will be locked, but if a student must use the restroom, a staff member will unlock the door and the room will then be cleaned after the student leaves. Students MUST wash their hands.


Water Cooler is not available

Students must bring their own sealed water bottles with their name and date on the bottle. Any bottles left will be discarded.


Class Size

To ensure social distancing among the students, class size is limited to 8 students.


Social Distancing

Just Dance has marked off 6 foot square spaces on the dance floors and will leave an empty grid between each student and between all students and the instructor.

All staff will be wearing masks. Student masks are optional. Please prepare your child to see their teachers wearing masks and let them know that as much as we would LOVE to, we cannot hug them.


Contactless Class

We are able to teach without having physical contact with students and with students avoiding contact with each other.


Schedule Change

Schedule change will allow time for dance studios to be wiped down with disinfectant and cleaned between classes.  This same window of time would prevent dancers from 2 different classes crossing each other while arriving / departing from class.  If ballet barres are used, students can still socially distance and each student would remain in their one space for the duration of that class , barres will  be wiped down with disinfectant at the end of that class segment


Acro Classes

All Acro classes will be CONDITIONING classes ONLY.  Students will work on strengthening acro skills and tricks that they can do without a spot. NO teachers will be touching or spotting students.  Mats will be sectioned off so that students are 6 feet from each other and cleaned and disinfected after every class, but students are encouraged  bring in their own  mats at this time



Use of “props”

No blocks props, thera-bands, or turning boards will be used until further notice.


Pick up

Students must be picked up promptly and must not wait inside the studio. They will be given hand sanitizer when they leave.





Until further notice, parents will not be allowed into the studio, with the exception of our TBT classes in which one parent will be assigned to keep their child in their isolated spot. .Drop off your child at the door and pick up from there as well. We will assist younger children by waiting at the door for them and by walking them back to the door after class.




Tuition Payments

Tuition payments must be made via our parent portal or by credit card at the front desk . NO CASH OR CHECKS WILL BE ACCEPTED AT THIS TIME. No student will be allowed to take class unless tuition is paid.


Sanitation of the studio

Just Dance staff will wipe down the barres, floors, or any surfaces that students may have touched in between classes.  A more thorough cleaning will take place twice a week.


Social Distancing

Teachers as well as students must keep proper distance from each other at all times. Students have to enter and exit class spaced apart to allow proper distance.


Health Monitoring

If a student or one of their family members have any virus symptoms, not feeling well  or have come in contact with anyone who has symptoms,  THEY MUST STAY HOME  If there is a chance of a possible contamination at the studio, Just Dance will lock down for two weeks during which online classes will be offered.